Here’s How You Can Open Your Own Title Agency – 4 Steps

Thinking of opening your own Title Agency? Perhaps you are feeling the optimism of a stable and prosperous market, or maybe you are just tired of working for someone else. If so, it may be time to make the move to becoming your own boss and opening your own title company. While the most [...]

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Breaking Down Reissue and Substitution Rates

Breaking Down Reissue & Substitution Rates Although some use these terms interchangeably, there is a major difference between a “reissue rate” and “substitution rate”. Some underwriters may use the term “refinance rates” to refer to either of these discounts generally. With refinances flooding our industry like a springtime deluge, we [...]

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5 Questions to Ask During the Home Closing Process in 2020

Welcome to SnapClose 101 (the basics) - Questions to Ask During the Home Closing Process. We don’t all have the time to read a lengthy article that doesn't get straight to the point. That's why we’re putting together these quick tips which will be relevant, actionable, and timely. Got some questions you think should be [...]

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Employee Recognition – Kamran Varahramyan

Our Principal Engineer, Kamran Varahramyan, was recently asked to join the Industrial Advisory Board for Louisiana Tech University’s College of Engineering and Science. The board gives feedback to faculty on their academic initiatives, suggests strategies to initiate, and discusses potential curriculum changes. Board members also meet with students and mentor them on senior design projects. [...]

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4 Benefits Of Using a Web-Based Real Estate Closing Platform

Have you ever heard that you should be working smarter and not harder? Well, luckily for real estate closing agents, new technologies hitting the market are making our jobs easier, more efficient, and allowing us to better serve our clients. For those of us that are utilizing a web-based application for closings, reallocating the [...]

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