The SnapClose Lawyer version of our platform provides legal practitioners with a complete solution for creating and managing real estate transaction case files.  Users can leverage a robust set of features for ALTA settlement statements and RESPA compliant closing disclosures.

SnapClose Lawyer connects title agents, lenders, real estate attorneys, title insurance providers, and vendors.  Users can seamlessly share all aspects of title transactions via a rich workflow-enabled application.

Cornerstone Management Solutions is dedicated to providing technology-based solutions aimed at streamlining real estate transactions, facilitating communication among participants and increasing the productivity and profitability of all.

SnapClose Lawyer has been developed to adhere to MISMO standards and complies with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau mandates.


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Up and running within 48 hours

Highly customizable with over 40 different options

No IT staffing needed for our Cloud based solution

All your documents available in easy to use interfaces

Files saved online, always up to date, ready to go and stored indefinitely

Simultaneous Access to multiple files, parties and properties

TRID, HUD and ALTA settlement statements are easy to use and RESPA compliant

HUD Calculators and smart HUD defaults

Electronic 1099-IRS submissions

Our advanced vendor integrations are different Find out how

Banking and disbursement solutions (management, worksheets and reporting)

Fast and simple eRecording of closing documents

Rynoh Integrations

MS Word included at no cost for cloud solution – no additional licensing fees

Customizable security user permission levels

Our Newest Feature

Track Title Completion Workflow and Customize to Your Specific Need

SnapClose now features a totally customizable workflow system designed specifically to manage files from opening through closing.



Please contact us to learn more how SnapClose’s automated and integrated work flow processes dramatically empowers title service administrators and staff with time saving and compliance efficiencies.