TitleWave Integration

SnapClose has partnered with TitleWave to provide our users with enhanced integration features. TitleWave allows users to order title search products via the web 24/7. The SnapClose / TitleWave integration will allow SnapClose customers to simplify their process and save time. Customers will be able to order title search products and [...]

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SnapClose and Stewart Integration 2.5

SnapClose has partnered with Stewart Title Guaranty Company to provide our users with enhanced integration features.The Stewart Integration 2.5 allows our customers to order, revise and void Stewart CPLs, Jackets and Policies directly within the SnapClose platform. Stewart 2.5 Integration Features Include: Agent Signatures can now be entered and saved in SnapClose to generate the [...]

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AmTrust Title Insurance Integration with SnapClose

SnapClose recently announced a new integration with AmTrust Title Insurance. This integration allows title agents, attorneys and escrow officers the ability to generate Policies, Closing Protection Letters, and Policy Jackets directly from the SnapClose Pro platform, the companies announced. The integration will enable title agents and attorneys to receive AmTrust Title Closing Protection Letters [...]

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Stewart Integration with SnapClose

SnapClose has partnered with Stewart Title Guaranty Company to provide our users with further integration features. This integration allows SnapClose clients to have access to policy jackets and closing protection letters (CPLs). Electronic policy jackets and CPLs will add value and convenience for our user experience, due to its ability to auto-populate fields – saving [...]

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Due Diligence with PropLogix

Due Diligence with PropLogix Title companies and Real Estate attorneys are increasingly looking to outsource key pieces of pre-and-post-closing due diligence. PropLogix is one such option for that. PropLogix, founded by two real estate attorneys, uncovers property issues that can impact buyers and sellers left undiscovered by a standard title search. [...]

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Rynoh Live Integration with SnapClose RynohLive is a patented, web-based, “bridge application” that has revolutionized escrow account management practices. RynohLive integrates with the SnapClose and the agent's online banking (read only) to provide the industry’s premier escrow and financial security software solution. We offer continuous end-to-end account auditing, daily reconciliation, transaction [...]

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