Anticipating and delivering innovative software system solutions for real estate transactions.

Comprehensive and holistic shared technology to deliver real-time, interlinked, integrated real estate transaction solutions through a hosted “Software as a Service” (SaaS) model.

Entirely new dimensions and directions to how real estate transactions should be conducted. Fewer lost deals, better end to end insights, improved efficiencies from pinpointed, guided workflow processes.

The SnapClose Family of Products and Services represents a bold step toward integrating the complicated, interrelated relationships that often comprise real estate transactions.

Introducing our family of interlinked and fully integrated production products:


SnapClose is a comprehensive title insurance platform for generating settlement documents. Our software allows title agents to collaborate effortlessly, with multiple parties, across the complex real estate transaction management landscape.



SnapClose Lawyer provides attorneys and paralegals with a complete solution for creating and managing real estate transactions case files; including, a robust set of features for ALTA settlement statements and RESPA compliant closing disclosures.w



Our proprietary SnapVendor tool will allow your settlement Business Partners to have seamless integration with SnapClose and SnapClose Lawyer– with no additional cost to you or your partners. The result is highly efficient and accurate turnarounds.