Who We Are

We’re a comprehensive title insurance platform for generating settlement documents. Our software allows title agents to collaborate effortlessly, with multiple parties, across the complex real estate transaction management landscape. SnapClose is family owned and operated since 1999.

What Makes Us Different?

We’re customizable to you and designed to ensure your title agency runs efficiently. Our automated systems and applications provide better performance, accountability, and communication with your customers, lenders and search partners. We’ll listen to you and provide you with flexible solutions that match your needs.

Why You Should Choose Us

Your needs are unique and important, regardless of the size of your organization. Which is why we work with anyone and everyone! We make title closings simple and cost-effective, without confusing contracts and lengthy commitments. We listen – which is why we are consistently updating and improving our current software.

What Our Customers Say:

Slide SnapClose has improved the efficiency of our Closing process and, as a result, has saved us time. We are no longer having to manually create all of the necessary closing documents, which is where we have saved a tremendous amount of time.

Aaron Lindquist
Partner, Coastal Legal Counsel
Slide SnapClose is extremely user friendly; its existing format allows seamless information access for each closing transaction; its ability to enter, transpose, and email information to our clients and customers assures a streamline of efficiency.

Bea Demirakos
On Point Land Services Corporation
Slide Excellent response time and an understanding of what was needed.

John Starn
Guardian Title Services, LLC
Slide Great software for our title company. Your support and service is outstanding.

Larry Vecchio
Title Services, LLC
Slide You guys are great!

Kim D'Amico
Dynamic Title Agency of New Jersey, LLC
Slide You are the best! and made my life so much easier. Thank you so much!

Carol Jakubik
Trusted Title, LLC
Slide Thank you all for being so on top of it all! This is what makes your team great!

Gabriela Capuzzi
Custom Land Services, Inc.

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SnapClose empowers your real estate transaction management business. Our interface allows for extremely fast on-boarding with no upfront costs. Schedule a personalized demo today!

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