What is the SnapClose Secure Portal?

The SnapClose portal allows a Title Company to offer all parties in a title transaction up to date status, information, and documents relating to their files. This is done by posting them to a secure internet site where they can then be viewed.

Here’s how it benefits you

  • Allows you to receive files from anyone who has access (for example, lender and realtor) eliminating data entry and reducing the amount of retyping.
  • Identifies easily what stage of closing you’re in.
  • You can securely share documents with anyone from anywhere
  • Reduce the cost of overnight and courier services
  • Reduce labor costs by sharing documents directly from within SnapClose
  • Increase responsiveness to clients by making information immediately available
  • There is no charge for using the portal.

How it works

Each SnapClose customer is given a unique web address to access their portal. Users can then customize sections of this webpage with their own logo, contact info, or other HTML code to mimic the same look and feel as their own website. Free registration with a valid email address is required for all users.

Once logged in, users will see information for every file which the title company has chosen to post to them.

For an example of the branded portal, go to https://portal.snapclose.com/?pid=1234.

Log in with username sample@snapclose.com and password sample.

How you can get started

If you’re not a customer, fill out our contact form and one of our employees will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you’re already a SnapClose customer, email any image files, logos, or HTML code that you would like to display in the header and footer sections to support@snapclose.com. The website address (URL) for your portal will be set up, and someone from SnapClose will contact you shortly after to discuss any questions.