In this webinar, which will be hosted on February 17 and also on March 8, Jeff Banas, Director of Customer Relations, will offer tips for navigating the 1099 S-Filing.

The webinar will cover the following topics:
* Enabling the 1099-S form
* Entering your EIN in SnapClose
* Indicating your file requires 1099-S filing
* Reporting on your 1099-S applicable files
* Collecting and Managing Seller’s information
* Submitting your 1099-S
* Printing Copy B
* Making corrections, if necessary
* Instructions for Form 1099-S

To register for the webinar, please select the best date and time by clicking on one of the options below:

Thursday, February 17, 2022.

12:00 pm — 1:00 pm

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Tuesday, March 8, 2022.

10:30 am — 11:30 am

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