For your clients, few things in life are as stressful as buying or selling a home. And while completely eliminating that stress is unrealistic – it doesn’t mean you can’t leave a good impression.

Consider giving your clients some useful, relevant gifts during the closing process. These small, albeit thoughtful details will make the buyer/seller feel more positive about the overall closing experience. And in doing so, you could create a potential foundation for future referral business.

Here are 5 ideas for Real Estate Closing Gifts

Custom Art or Prints

Paintings and other art related gifts are a great, safe option that can be thoughtful and unique. When done in the right way.

If you’re looking for a good place to start, consider a painting of the area, a portrait of their home, or an illustration of the city they’re located in. This can be received particularly well if they are new to the area.

Pet Treats

If you know your client owns a pet or two, they’ll probably appreciate some pet swag. To sway on the safe side, consider staying away from food that could cause allergies or go against typical diets. Stick to toys and accessories. Bonus points for bow ties, scratching poles, catnip toys, and even pet portraits.

For pet owners, pets are usually a big part of their family. And this small personalized gift can go a long way to impress them.

A curated gift basket

A gift basket with some candles and bath salts is the perfect pampering gift idea after a stressful move. Alternatively, you can’t go wrong with a gift basket of local treats, luxurious chocolates, and a nice bottle of wine.

If this sounds time consuming to pull off – there are companies that specialize in creating gift baskets from small local businesses. Consider creating a partnership with one of these companies to speed up your process.

A floral arrangement

For decorated homes, a floral arrangement matching the decor can add a fun pop of color. Flower delivery is typically easy to order and most delivery companies are happy to include a custom card of your choice. Customize the delivery date for whenever you think is a convenient time – like after their moving date – if you know it.

If you’re unsure about picking a floral arrangement, go with a gift card to a local florist or nursery. That way, your client is free to pick whatever plant or flower they like best.

A gift card to a local must-visit spot

Another idea that’s especially relevant if they’re new to the area.

A gift card for a nearby restaurant or coffee shop is typically welcomed as they settle in. They’ll be grateful for the recommendation and it’ll be a nice treat to have a meal/night out in the midst of an otherwise busy and stressful time.

If you manage a complex (rather than a single unit), consider creating a go-to guide listing local spots like grocery stores and restaurants to help newcomers find their footing in their new home.

For most clients, buying/selling a home only happens a handful of times. A friendly, well-thought-out gift speaks volumes and will help to end the deal on a positive note.

Comment below for any gift idea suggestions!