Have you ever heard that you should be working smarter and not harder? Well, luckily for real estate closing agents, new technologies hitting the market are making our jobs easier, more efficient, and allowing us to better serve our clients. For those of us that are utilizing a web-based application for closings, reallocating the time that we used to spend rebooting our servers and managing our antiquated software is just one advantage of using a web-based closing application. Here are a few others:

4 Benefits of Using Real Estate Closing Software

  1. Information is Now at Your Fingertips – Information stored on the web-based application is accessible for your authorized employees to see at any time from any computer. The accessible information on your files also makes it easier for the gatekeeper of your phones to answer questions in real-time. Or, better yet, raise your hand if you’ve had a client with an “emergency” issue come up outside of the hours of 9 and 5 that could blow up a deal. Having web-based access means that you can access the information in the file to put out those fires.
  1. Allows for Remote Workers – Never has it been more apparent the importance of easily transitioning to a remote workplace than during the Covid-19 response. The companies that are set up on web-based closing applications were already prepared to carry on business while complying with government orders and recommendations. Even after the pandemic response is in our rearview, the fact is that modern workers are demanding and expecting more flexibility in their work environment. Just take the 2018 Global Workplace Analytics report that revealed 80% of employees want to work from home at least some of the time, and 37% of employees would change jobs for the opportunity to work remotely just some of the time.  The report lays out the many cost-saving benefits to the employer as well, including that more than a third of workers would take a pay cut in exchange for the option to work remotely.
  1. Expanding to Multiple Locations Just Became Easier – If you are a business trying to expand or managing and training employees at different locations, a web-based system will make your life easier. With this system in place, you will not have to set up an entire profile at each computer and wait for your tech department to set it up each time for someone in training or filling in for another employee. They can hop on any computer and login through the web at any time without an interruption in workflow.
  1. Fewer Errors and More Accountability – many web-based applications have a way to track who did what (and when they did it) within a file. Was the abstract ordered? Was the earnest money check credited to the purchase price? Did someone send out the preliminary CD on time? You are often able to set up tasks within a file and assign the tasks to the appropriate person who can check them off upon completion. Some web-based applications even have a comprehensive log of all activity that has taken place on a file, so anyone can see who is doing what. This makes holding each other accountable easier than ever.

Every day you run your business without a web-based closing application, you are missing out on the advantages that come with it all while falling behind competitors that do. Some businesses are afraid of change, don’t be! The world is moving in that way anyway.