The coronavirus pandemic has pointed out flaws in many of our current systems – including in the way we record public information. Submitters of land records, including lenders, title companies, and law firms who previously made their way physically down to a courthouse, are now no longer able to do so because of many states stay-at-home orders (link stay-at-home).

Thankfully, in many of those states, eRecording is a practical solution to this problem.

Firstly, what is eRecording?

eRecording is the process of electronically recording documents by submitting, receiving, and processing documents for recording via the Internet that would otherwise be sent to a county clerk or recorder’s office by express mail or courier service.

In other words, eRecording allows you to send documents from the comfort of your home or office through your computer.

Despite the simplicity, eRecording hasn’t yet gained full acceptance amongst settlement companies. But the old ways are changing, and the current pandemic has highlighted the way for eRecording to become the new standard of recording property.

Here are 5 Benefits of using eRecording for your Title Company

  1. Save Time

Whether you’re physically going into a courthouse or piecing together the documents that will be sent via mail – electronic processing will reduce the time you spend on this task and allows for same-day recording.

  1. Better than Alternatives like Federal Express/UPS

Forget about just saving time, are you concerned about losing your package? According to a report from the New York Times, nationwide, more than 1.7 million packages disappear every day, contributing to a total of $25 million in lost goods and services. In other words, eRecording ensures secure delivery and receipt of documents.

  1. Counties will eventually go online

eRecording is available in all 50 states and it seems inevitable that all counties will eventually move towards an online system. Currently, over 2000 counties nationwide accept electronic recordings of deeds, mortgages, liens, releases, and other documents – and that number is growing.

  1. If you’re not already doing it, you’ll fall behind.

Blockbuster now only has one location left in the world, while Netflix is on the Fortune 500 list. Why is that relevant? Because Netflix previously tried to sell equity in their company to Blockbuster who rejected them – because they couldn’t see movies going online.

Companies that innovate early stay ahead of their competitors and aren’t left behind in the process. Adopting and establishing your eRecording processes early will allow you to streamline your practices before some of your competitors even get the chance to.

  1. It’s better for the planet.

It may be a far cry, but saving paper, gas (from driving to the courthouse or your courier driving to the courthouse) all in all is better for the planet.

Technology has changed all aspects of our personal and working life, recording land records is no different. For information on how SnapClose, through CSC, can help you with your eRecording needs, please click the following link –