SnapClose is pleased to announce the future integration of SnapClose with RealEC® Technologies’ Closing Insight™ solution. RealEC Technologies (RealEC) is a division of Black Knight Financial Services.

Closing Insight is a suite of Web-based solutions, enabling the integration of lender and settlement agent data that will streamline the reconciliation of fees for final loan closing disclosures between lenders and settlement agents. Using a client-configurable rules engine, lenders and settlement agents will have the ability to generate and review disclosure documents, which will help them meet loan-closing timeline requirements, and to electronically fulfill Title, Closing and Document Signing orders.

A number of major lenders have announced they will use Closing Insight to interact with settlement providers. This future integration option in SnapClose, will allow our clients to experience an easy, efficient, and single data entry electronic method of communicating with the lender for purposes of producing the Closing Disclosure. The analytics, update/change tracking, and notation will keep all parties informed and in sync.

Starting in late 2020, we will begin providing further information about upcoming training opportunities as well as our anticipated software configuration plans that will enable registered locations to utilize Closing Insight technology before the August 1 production date.

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