SnapClose Customers can manage and prioritize files by applying Workflows and associated Tasks

Are you growing and not performing as efficiently as you would like? SnapClose features a totally customizable workflow system designed specifically to manage a file from opening through closing. Our software allows you to define each step and task in your closing process, and thereby track any file’s status to meet your unique workflow requirements to improve efficiency, performance, and accountability.

Workflow Steps and Tasks are customizable

Workflow steps and tasks are determined and created by you in SnapClose Administrator; multiple workflow tasks can be accommodated based on your desired file processes.

Email Alert controls can be set for Workflows, Tasks and Steps

Alerts can be configured for automatic notifications to be emailed to all parties involved in a file’s workflow, tasks and steps.

Workflow is managed by you based on your Management Processes

Upon opening the SnapClose program every user can view their assigned tasks and steps as defined in the left-hand navigation column. Users are notified of all their current tasks, tasks that are overdue and those due today. Tasks required to be completed that day are displayed in red. Management can view all users tasks and step statuses at any time. There are multiple queries to guide workflow administrator(s) in establishing file statuses.

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