Training. The Difference Between Good and Excellent.

Users of SnapClose software products pay a modest monthly service fee which entitles them to all updates and enhancements to the systems, as well as unlimited technical support. Technical Support may be contacted by phone or email. Callers will speak to a qualified Technical Support Engineer who has experience in both the technical and application aspects of the SnapClose system. In addition, there is no charge for installation or implementation assistance, upgrades or additional users.

 Remote Assistance

When experiencing problems, users often find that it is difficult to describe the situation. To solve this problem the Technical Support Engineer may suggest remote assistance. To enable this, both parties login to a single Internet support site so that the Technical Support Engineer can view the user’s computer desktop and SnapClose software. With the user’s permission, the engineer may even “take control” of the user’s desktop, permitting quick detection of the problem and speedy resolution. The result is that the user experiences a minimum of downtime.

Contact Tech Support

To contact Technical Support, please call 1-877-4-SNAPCLOSE (1-877-476-2725), 9am – 5pm (EST), or email

Technical Support Manager: Jeffrey Banas