Resolution of any issues that arise while using SnapClose is handled through our multi-tiered technical support process. This process includes both our On-Call Help Desk, as well as Remote Assistance.

On-Call Help Desk

Technical Support may be contacted by phone 1-877-4-SNAPCLOSE (1-877-476-2725), press 2 for support or email Callers speak directly to a qualified Technical Support Engineer with experience in both the technical and application aspects of the SnapClose system.

There is no charge for help with setup or implementation assistance, installing upgrades or adding users.

Remote Desktop Assistance

Remote Desktop Assistance is the method we use for troubleshooting software related problems via remote desktop connections.

This approach saves time and money versus calling upon expensive on-site tech support. The result is a positive client experience with minimum of downtime.

  • Trained SnapClose Technicians use specialized software that allows them to access our Client’s desktop via the Internet
  • With our Client’s permission, our technicians “take control” of your mouse and keyboard inputs, transfer diagnostic and repair applications to the desktop, run scans, install antivirus programs, etc. This enables quick detection of problems and a speedy resolution.

On-Line Support Center

Our On-Line Support Center is loaded with valuable material to help maximize your SnapClose experience. We are available on-line for our Clients at no charge, 24/7/365, by accessing our Client Portal.

Included are:

  • Instructional Video Tutorials covering a wide range of topics
  • SnapClose FAQ’s
  • SnapClose Bulletin

To contact Technical Support, please call 1-877-4-SNAPCLOSE (1-877-476-2725), 9am – 5pm (EST), or email