Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost associated with creation of nonstandard forms?

There are no costs for coding your non-standard forms and we offer no cost training on how to code your forms for use in SnapClose.

Are documents with custom signature fields considered nonstandard?

Adding custom signatures on documents are considered non-standard forms and as noted above there is no cost adding them for you.

Will it cost us extra to download the current year tax forms?

There is no cost to generate the 1099-S document and we offer electronic 1099-S filing for $5 per file.

Will forms integrate with Foxit PDF or is it just Adobe?

Template forms added to SnapClose to be merged and generated are created as a .rtf format and will open in Microsoft Word. These documents then can be combined in a .pdf format in the software. Word files that are combined to a pdf open in Adobe and will open with any pdf reader or editor, including Foxit.

Does Snap Close allow for e-remittance of title insurance policies? If so, what does it cost?

At this time, we have underwriter integrations which will create the file automatically in the underwriter’s platforms including premium and endorsement details. Any underwriter e-remittances are handled through the underwriter.

What exactly does the monthly fee include? Does it include cloud services and typical maintenance? Updating of standard underwriting/closing forms and premium rate charts? Creation/maintenance of any nonstandard forms?

The fee includes cloud services, maintenance, software upgrades, and forms. We will also train you on how to maintain and edit existing non-standard forms.