By enhancing productivity and increasing profitability, we help simplify real estate sales and refinancing transactions.

Cornerstone Management Solutions provides an interactive title insurance platform that facilitates communication across all parties.  The result is an integrated, feature-rich experience for end-to-end real estate transaction management.

The SnapClose Family of software products unifies the activities of title insurance agents, mortgage lenders, real estate attorneys and vendors. Users can dynamically monitor every detail and seamlessly collaborate on all aspects of settlement transactions.

Cornerstone Management Solutions has enjoyed years of proven success in the Real Estate Transaction Management space, with scores of satisfied clients and partners located throughout the country.

Corporate Headquarters

47 W. River Road | Rumson, NJ 07760
Phone: (877) 476-2725 | FAX: (732) 933-8630

Meet Our Leadership Team

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“We’ve been using SnapClose for many years” …  “We find the program easy to work with and the staff is always very available and helpful” …  “They also provide training and support which we have found very useful when we have new hires or when there have been major platform upgrades.”