Snap Vendor

SnapVendor Title and real estate research companies and other vendors using our innovative, proprietary system, SnapVendor, enjoy an exclusive avenue of contact with our SnapClosePro user community. With the SnapVendor software system, vendors receive and fulfill search order requests electronically. By so doing, they provide a unique service to their customers because orders are placed from and received directly into [...]

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About Us

Cornerstone Management Solutions With a goal of enhanced productivity and increased profitability for all — Cornerstone Management Solutions is dedicated to streamlining real estate sales and refinancing transactions through its proprietary technology platform. We provide a comprehensive interactive title insurance toolset that facilitates communication between all parties and delivers a fully integrated, feature-rich experience, for [...]

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SnapClose Pro embraces & enhances your existing settlement relationships. We understand that your existing business relationships are important and valued. We’re here to support these interactions — not get in the way. SnapClose Pro seamlessly integrates with all national underwriters. Place orders for Closing Protection Letters, Policy Jackets and Back Title Indexes directly from your [...]

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