Securing your data is our most critical priority.

Encrypted cloud-based architecture protects your sensitive data.

sr-26We understand that a title agent’s data, open and closed files and history, are among their most vital assets.

That’s why SnapClose utilizes only the most advanced encryption technologies available to firmly secure all client data. Yet the system still provides uncompromising ease of accessibility.

To supplement the platform-enabled security features, an added layer of security can be applied and customized to suite your unique business needs by restricting individual access through the use of permissions-based hierarchies.

In addition to being fully regulatory compliant, SnapClose is constantly changing to adapt to new cyber-threats to offer our clients a platform that maintains industry level standards and beyond.

SnapClose can help securely manage your vital information and contacts.  Discover how by calling us at (877) 476-2725, or by completing the form below: