Delivering Enhanced Productivity Through Technology.

The SnapClose Family of Products and Services represents a bold step toward integrating the complicated, interrelated relationships that often comprise real estate transactions.

Comprehensive Real Estate Transaction Management (RETM) services include:

  • snaprealty-7SnapClose is a software suite empowering title agents to manage insurance and closing related aspects of the real estate transaction. Easily manage the entire process, from opening a new file through to the creation, storage and sharing of documents, as well as the management of the closing process, recording, funds disbursement and escrow account reconciliation.
  • SnapCloseLawyer provides real estate attorneys with the ability to:
    • Create and maintain client files
    • Create, share and store legal forms and documents electronically
    • Accurately maintain trust accounts
    • Electronically order title
    • Share and receive documents from title agents and lenders
    • Prepare invoices
    • Close real estate transactions
    • Disburse funds and complete post-closing reconciliation tasks
    • Complete TRID documents
    • Deliver file information to clients, mortgage lenders and others.
  • SnapResources plays an integral role in Real Estate Transaction Management by enabling real estate services providers to receive and fulfill orders from title agents and others with speed, efficiency, and accuracy.