Modify SnapClose to support your unique title business needs.

SnapClose is a feature-rich suite of tools that is also fully customizable to your unique needs. Easily turn relevant platform features on or off, to better align with your individual business model and existing processes.

  • With surprising speed and ease of use SnapClose empowers title agents to easily manage all functions of the title process. From opening a new file, through the creation, storage and sharing of documents, right into the closing process itself, including recording and the disbursing of funds and escrow accounting.
  • Conducting an electronic recording in SnapClose takes just a couple of moments and only few mouse clicks to finish, delivering tremendous satisfaction to customers, lenders & underwriters.

Fully customizable features embrace:

Paperless Files | eRecording | Integrated Vendor Searches | Data Call Ready | Complete User Security | Document Collation | MS Word/Excel Integration | Paperless Closings | HUD Calculators | Smart HUD Defaults | Simultaneous Access to Multiple Files | 1099 Creation & Electronic IRS Submission | Disbursement Worksheet | Disbursement Reporting | Automatic Premium Calculations | Multiple Properties & Lenders / File | QuickBooks Integration | Rynoh Integration

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